List of Mystery DungeonsEdit

.Chapter 1- Beach Cave



Destiny Tower (Space Globe)

.Chapter 2- Drenched Bluff

.Chapter 3- Mt. Bristle

.Chapter 4- None

.Chapter 5- Waterfall Cave

.Chapter 6- Apple Woods

.Chapter 7- Side Path, Craggy Coast, Rock Path, Mt. Horn

.Chapter 8- Forest Path, Foggy Forest

,Chapter 9- Steam Cave, Upper Steam Cave

.Chapter 10- Amp Plains, Far Amp Plains

.Chapter 11- Quicksand Cave, Quicksand Pit

.Chapter 12- Crystal Cave, Crystal Crossing

.Chapter 13- Chasm Cave

.Chapter 14- Dark Hill, Sealed Ruin, Deep Sealed Ruin

.Chapter 15- Dusk Forest, Deep Dusk Forest

.Chapter 16- Treeshroud Forest

.Chapter 17- None

.Chapter 18- Brine Cave

.Chapter 19- Hidden Land, Hidden Highland

.Chapter 20- Temporal Tower, Temporal Spire

.Other Dungeons: Mystifying Forest, Luminous Spring, Shaymin Village, Sky Peak, Blizzard Island, Crevice Cave, Surrounded Sea, Miracle Sea, Serenity River, Landslide Cave, Lush Prairie, Tiny Meadow, Oran Forest, Labyrinth Cave, Shimmer Desert, Mt. Avalanche, Giant Volcano, World Abyss, Mystery Jungle, Bottomless Sea, Sky Stairway, Mt. Mistral, Shimmer Hill, Midnight Forest, Lost Wilderness, Star Cave,Lake Afar, Happy Outlook, Treacherous Waters, Southeastern Island, Inferno Cave, Oblivion Forest, Aegis Cave, Concealed Ruins, Mt. Travail, The Nightmare, Spacial Rift, Deep Spacial Rift, Dark Crater, Deep Dark Crater, Marine Resort, Zero Isle: North, South, East, West, Center, Destiny Tower