Bidoof's Wish

Episode How to unlock Information
Bidoof's Wish

Arrest Drowzee

Chapter 3

Features the past of Bidoof in the Guild. He faces a difficult adventure at Star Cave, so his wishes will come true.
Igglybuff the Prodigy

Return to the Guild

Chapter 9

Features Wigglytuff being an Igglybuff. And also shows how he became an explorer.
Today's Oh My Gosh!

Come up w/plan to catch Grovyle

Chapter 13

Features the fellow guild member Sunflora, She is on a mission to apprehend Haunter. Which is a hard task for her as she journeys to Spring Cave.
Here Comes Team Charm

Come back from the future

Chapter 15

Features Team Charm and their past, and how they became a Legendary Rescue Team. On the last area they will find a very important treasure.
In the Future of Darkness Graduate from the Guild It is set in the dark future. Grovyle teams up with Dusknoir to foil Primal Dialga's plan of havoc but is Dusknoir hiding something? Can Grovyle trust him at all?